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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If your question isn’t answered here, contact us through the form below!

What is a Visibility Ecosystem™️️?

Our framework for sustainable marketing uses curated speaking opportunities to create marketing content in your authentic voice.

Your email and social media content grow out of your speaking opportunities and in turn attract more invitations, creating a cycle of growth without burnout.

How can we work together?

We can work together through our monthly retainer services (ranging from done-with-you to full-service done-for-you packages), as well as through our upcoming Planting Seeds program, where you’ll create your Visibility Ecosystem™️️ with support from our team.

What is a Speaking Strategy Session?

We circle up with our clients periodically to ensure that we’re on the same page with the strategy behind their Visibility Ecosystem™️️. During this session, we look at your goals and how to meet them through speaking and relational marketing. This includes your Sleaze-Free Sales Strategy™️ so that you’re ready to make sales through your speaking and collaboration opportunities!

What's the Speaker Hotline?

This is how you can get personal support from our team outside of our regular client meetings! You can send us a video, audio, or text message through our Speaker Hotline portal, and we’ll respond directly to you.


This could include questions about an upcoming speaking or collaboration opportunity, speaking skills coaching, or even just a pep talk to get you hyped before a podcast interview! 🎉

How are you different from other marketing agencies?

Some of what we do is similar to other marketing agencies – creating marketing assets, pitching you for podcasts – but we focus on relational marketing over transactional marketing here at Visibility Ecosystem™️️.

That means that, while our goal is still to get you ROI from sales through our work together, we do that through relationships rather than just getting one-off conversions. Our marketing strategies stem from speaking and collaboration opportunities, not ads and social media posts. Those follow, not lead!


We also don’t just hand you speaking opportunities – we ensure that you’re prepared, both with your customized Sleaze-Free Sales Strategy™️ AND with your speaking skills. As a client, you’ll be able to learn from our in-house speaking coach and go into every interview or presentation feeling confident and prepared. 💚

What is a Media Relations Session?

This is a coaching session that we offer our clients before kicking off a podcast tour. During your Media Relations Session, we’ll brush up on your speaking skills, learn how to keep an interview on track (even as the guest!), and more with our in-house speaking coach.


After your Media Relations Session, you’ll be ready to go into your podcast tour (and other speaking and collaboration opportunities) with confidence!

Will you pitch me to podcasts so I don't have to?

Absolutely! All of our clients receive a custom curated Podcast Tour Hub, and our Growth Garden and Expanding Ecosystem clients also receive done-for-you pitching services, either from their own email address or from our agency email address, depending on client preference.


Our team has a professional background in PR and journalism, and we’re also podcast hosts, so we know what makes for a no-brainer YES pitch. We also have an ever-growing database of podcast hosts that we have personal relationships with, and we love connecting the podcast hosts we know with our clients, since this brings value to both of you!

What is a Sleaze-Free Sales Strategy™️?

When you speak, you’re not always allowed to pitch your offers. That’s why your Sleaze-Free Sales Strategy™️ is so crucial to still make sales from speaking and collaborations, even if you can’t pitch!


We work with our clients to build their Sleaze-Free Sales Strategy™️ so that they can share their offers through relational marketing opportunities… without feeling gross or slimy.

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