Visibility through Speaking

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Create a sustainable marketing system (that won’t burn you out!) in 90 days

Plant the seeds for sustainable marketing with your Visibility Ecosystem! Our framework for sustainable marketing uses curated speaking opportunities to create marketing content in YOUR authentic voice.

Your email and social media content grow out of your speaking opportunities and in turn attract more invitations, creating a cycle of growth without burnout. 🙌

You can grow a Visibility Ecosystem!

If you’re . . .

An online service provider

Web designers, social media managers, ad strategists, podcast producers – the list goes on!

A coach

1:1. Group coaching. Maybe you have a mastermind!

A digital product creator

Think courses and membership sites

An author

Penned a novel? Wrote a non-fiction book? We’ve got you covered

Public SpeakingPublic


Your Visibility EcosystemYour Visibility

Planting seeds through speaking

When you book speaking opportunities—whether on a podcast, virtual summit, mastermind, group program, or in-person event—you’re planting marketing seeds.

Those seeds will sprout into emails, blog posts, short-form videos, social media posts, and more! Your Visibility Ecosystem begins to grow . . .

Creating community through collaborations

Profitable partnerships can start with speaking and grow into collaborations like joint masterclasses. The more you speak and collaborate, the more invitations will come your way and the less pitching you’ll have to do!

A Visibility Ecosystem = Sustainable Marketing

Every speaking or collaboration opportunity becomes marketing material that you don’t have to create from scratch AND that you can use for years to come!

A sustainable marketing system is possible when you seed it with speaking and collaborations.

Ready to plant your Visibility Ecosystem?

Whether you’re brand-new to speaking or you’ve been on 130 podcasts, a Visibility Ecosystem will help you show up consistently on social media – without spending all your time there! Or heck, you can even just ditch social altogether. 😉

We’re not going to shove you into a box, either. Inside Planting Seeds, you’ll learn how to cultivate a Visibility Ecosystem that suits YOU, not the other way around.

Planting Seeds could be exactly what you’re looking for if . . .

❌ You’re tired of relying on social media algorithms to drive your business growth

✅ With a Visibility Ecosystem, social media becomes icing on top, not the main strategy 🎉

❌ You’re spending hours a day on marketing, rather than serving your clients 😢

✅ Inside Planting Seeds, your focus shifts to clients and your Visibility Ecosystem powers your marketing

❌ You want to be a guest on more podcasts and summits, but don’t know where to start

✅ Learn our signature framework and use our templates to make it feel EASY ❤️

❌ Making sales feels scary or slimy, but you know you have to pitch to grow your business

✅ Our Sleaze-Free Sales Strategy will make it feel natural and even FUN to sell 🥰

Join for a quarter or for the year

You can choose to join for a quarter at a time (3 months) or for a year—and get a BONUS when you pay in full for a year: quarterly 1:1 coaching calls to grow your Visibility Ecosystem even more!

Monthly Payments

12 monthly payments of   $250

LIVE Podcast Tour Sprint

UNLIMITED Podcast Pitch Reviews

Visibility Ecosystem Hub Template

The Speaker Hotline

Private Podcast Access

BONUS 1:1 Coaching Calls

Pay in Full

$3,000/ year

LIVE Podcast Tour Sprint

UNLIMITED Podcast Pitch Reviews

Visibility Ecosystem Hub Template

The Speaker Hotline

Private Podcast Access

Four BONUS 1:1 Coaching Calls

What’s Inside?

Here’s what’s inside Planting Seeds:

Guest Podcasting

Sustainable Marketing

Coaching + Support

UNLIMITED Podcast Pitch Reviews

Ditch the butterflies and always feel confident hitting Send! Use our pitch templates so you never have to write one from scratch again and get unlimited reviews from our in-house PR pro and actual podcast hosts within 72 hours. Get more Yes’s as you cultivate your Podcast Tour with polished pitch emails that still sound like you 🙌

Podcast Tours

Cultivate your podcast tour in less than 30 days without burning yourself out. It’s easy when you have our plug-and-play system and ready-to-send podcast pitch templates! Your podcast tour plants the first seeds for the rest of your Visibility Ecosystem to grow from 🌱

LIVE Podcast Tour Sprints

We host quarterly Podcast Tour Sprints in the Planting Seeds community so you can create your next Tour in 4 weeks or less alongside others. You’ll leave each Sprint with 20-30 podcasts, ready-to-send pitch emails, and even the email addresses for hosts!

Visibility Ecosystem Hub

Start planting your Visibility Ecosystem in less than 30 days so it can begin harvesting leads, sales, and connections for you. Save time when you plug your Podcast Tour into the Hub – no need to build something from scratch! You’ll never lose sight of a dream podcast ever again when you use this system for years to come 🥰

Social Media Ecosystem

Create a thriving social media ecosystem that doesn’t suck up all your time! You can rediscover the fun side of social media when you stop worrying about churning out content for it and curate content that establishes you as a thought leader – without extra effort

Speaking Funnel Systems

Never worry about losing another lead because you don’t have a system in place! Be ready to harvest the leads and sales that sprout from your speaking opportunities so you can grow your business after you set up your speaking funnel in less than 30 days

Goal Setting and Results Tracking

Stop guessing whether a speaking opportunity was worth your time – confidently set goals for your Visibility Ecosystem and actually know if you hit them!

Understand which goals to set when so that you can say No to invitations that won’t grow your business and set your initial Visibility Ecosystem goal within 5 minutes using our exclusive tools (and adjust whenever you need to 😉)

Public Speaking Practice

Jump in for a 10 minute session during a Presentation or Interview Day to practice your speaking skills in front of others without worrying about judgement.

During these calls, you’ll get live coaching so you can make incremental improvements without feeling overwhelmed. You’ll feel less anxious and nervous before recording a presentation or interview, because you’ll know you’re prepared!

The Speaker Hotline

Need a pep talk before a podcast interview? Want to make sure your profitable speaking topic makes sense? Got a question about your goals, speaking funnel, or what-have-you? The Speaker Hotline is available to touch base with our coaches via video, audio, or text whenever you need us! 💚

Private Podcast

Take everything inside Planting Seeds on the go with you in your earbuds! You’ll have access to a private podcast feed of all of the program trainings, plus a Speaker Hotline feed. Get answers to questions you might not have even thought to ask but that could supercharge your Visibility Ecosystem and business growth 🎉

COMING SOON: Done-For-You Tools

We’re working on a suite of fantastic tools for you! When they’re finished, you’ll be able to use them for things like:

  • Creating your presentation outline
  • Uncovering interview questions for podcasts
  • Selecting the right goals for each speaking opportunity
  • Choosing your profitable speaking topic
  • Generating podcast pitch emails
  • And MORE!
Why Join Planting Seeds?

Planting Seeds is a little different!

When you join Planting Seeds, you’re not just getting public speaking coaching. You’re not just planning a podcast tour. You’re doing more than just creating a killer presentation.

You’re learning skills that you can use across your business. Setting up systems that will help you make sales, through speaking AND wherever you’re marketing. Discovering how to be a better interviewee (and keep the interview on track, even when the host goes down an off-topic rabbit hole 😉).

You’ll be able to take more time off from chasing the social media algorithm. You can double down at the things you’re GREAT at in your business and let go of more things you’re . . . not as great at. 😅 You can spend more time with the people you love, doing the things you love, and less time developing future arthritis in your scrolling finger. 😜

You’re not just getting some video lessons – you’re getting coaching and feedback, public speaking practice, tools to make the whole process easier, and templates so you’re not left staring at a blank page. You’ll become part of a supportive community that cheers you on as you plant your Visibility Ecosystem and grow your business. 🎉

What they’re saying

What Our Clients Have Said!

Working with Jenn on my Speaker Visibility Ecosystem has given me brand new confidence and has re-ignited my passion for speaking. Jenn’s knowledgeable guidance and consistent support for preparing and organizing all of my speaking assets has changed everything. I now have a clear and organized system in an easily navigated hub to all of my topics, talks, lead magnets, relevant stories, my offers, and I can even track my sales.

Because all of the preparation was already done, I was able to quickly successfully submit myself as a speaker to a virtual summit. I had everything in place and they found a spot for me in the summit at the last minute. Speaker Success! And now Jenn’s helping me submit my talks to more podcasts and summits. Having her in my speaking corner is invaluable. Thank you Jenn!


Faith Rumer

Voice, Presentation & Performance Coach

Got questions? We’ve got answers! 😜

Is this for ME?

What's Inside?

General FAQs

Who is the Planting Seeds program best for?

We’re building this program for folks like:

  • Online service providers
  • Digital product creators (think things like courses and memberships)
  • Coaches (that includes group coaching programs!)
  • Authors

Just because you don’t fall into one of those specific categories doesn’t mean the program can’t work for you, but I’d recommend reaching out to us and we can give you honest feedback on whether it’s a good fit for you. We would rather point you in a different direction than have you not get results from the program!

Who is the Planting Seeds program NOT for?

Regardless of what industry you’re in, you’ll have the best results if you come into the program with an offer that you know sells. You can definitely build a business or offer from scratch through a Visibility Ecosystem, but please keep in mind that you’ll likely need at least 2-3 times the runway timeline that some of the other Planting Seeds members may see. That’s totally fine; we just want to set expectations.

We also don’t necessarily recommend joining Planting Seeds if you primarily or exclusively sell physical products. Our Visibility Ecosystem framework can still work, but it was definitely creating with non-physical offers in mind.

If you’re unsure if the program is right for you, I’d recommend reaching out to us and we can give you honest feedback on whether it’s a good fit for you. We would rather point you in a different direction than have you not get results from the program!

What is the content teaching schedule?

We begin teaching the content inside Planting Seeds in July 2024! You’ll get access to bonus content like Sell With a Summit: Speaker Edition immediately, too. 🙌

Here’s the tentative schedule:

  • July:
    • Establishing your marketing metrics baseline
    • Offer suite foundations
    • Uncovering your profitable speaking topic
    • Auditing your email marketing for speaking
    • Creating your Visibility Ecosystem Hub
  • August:
    • Podcast tour research phase
    • Using the Speaker’s Ballot
    • Pitch etiquette and strategy
    • Speaking funnel strategy foundations
    • Advanced Visibility Ecosystem Hub tutorials
  • September:
    • Starting your first podcast tour: Podcast Tour Sprint!
    • Establishing your Sleaze-Free Sales Strategy
  • October:
    • Honing your speaking skills
    • Speaking Funnel Sprint
  • November/December:
    • Speaking skills and strategy “upgrades”
    • Sleaze-Free Sales Strategy “upgrades”
    • Press Page Sprint
    • We’re taking it a little easy for these two months because of the holidays – we want you to be able to spend more time with your family!
  • January 2025:
    • Second Podcast Tour Sprint
    • Speaking funnel “upgrades”

How long will it take to see results from my Visibility Ecosystem?

It can take 3-6 months to start seeing tangible results from your seeds, depending on what speaking opportunities you book and when they go live. Some folks go all-in and get their Ecosystem Hub set up right away and begin pitching podcasts within a week, and then have episodes go live in 1-3 months. Others may choose to go the slow-and-steady route and build up at a pace they personally feel comfortable with, and they’re okay with taking a little longer to see growth.

It’s all up to you as to how fast you want to get started, but do keep in mind that 3-6 month guideline.

Where is the community hosted?

I’ll be honest: I’m kind of over Facebook groups. 😅 We host our community through Heartbeat, and Planting Seeds has a private section where we’ll hang out. It’s not a requirement to join the community, but it’s definitely the best place to connect with the other members and even meet new collaborators! 🙌

What does it mean to be a founding member?

As a founding member, you get exclusive pricing, which is locked in for as long as you stay inside Planting Seeds. If you leave and return later, you will lose founder’s pricing, so just full transparency there.

Being a founding member also means that you get to help shape the actual content inside Planting Seeds. We’re building the trainings and refining the tools and templates inside the program right now LITERALLY with you in mind – because you’ll get to share your input and insights as we build them out! 🎉 The program will be able to become exactly what YOU need because you’ll be one of the fabulous few inside, helping us make the program the best it can be. And we really appreciate that. 🥰

Who are you guys anyway?

Hey, I’m Jenn!

I’m the founder of Virtual Summit Search and Visibility Ecosystem, and I’m the strategist and visionary around here. I’ve been speaking on virtual summits and podcasts since 2015, and I’ve hosted five of my own summits, not to mention podcasts. (And yes, I’ve gotten the teeeeerrible pitch emails 🙄 that we’ll help you avoid sending!) I’ve seen the Good, the Bad, and the Fantastic when it comes to the speakers I’ve worked with, both as a host AND as speaker myself. My goal is to make sure you’re able to be in the Fantastic category. 🥰

My co-conspirator is Lucas:

He is, coincidentally, my husband, but I picked him partly for his brains, so now he’s also our Marketing Director at Virtual Summit Search and Visibility Ecosystem. 😉 (Fun story: we actually met through public speaking – we co-hosted the evening radio show together in college!)

Lucas is our resident public speaking coach and PR professional. He’s taught public speaking at the university level, as well as coaching (and judging) competitive public speaking teams and award-winning competitive speakers and training international speakers for media appearances. He’s also done national public relations campaigns, landing media spots in TV, radio, newspapers, podcasts, and more. You’re in good hands!

Together, we’ve got your back and are here to equip you as you plant the seeds for your Visibility Ecosystem. We can’t wait to work with you inside Planting Seeds!